What are the 7 Safety Signs?

As we know, Safety sign is not only used for fire i.e dangerous and deadly threat to life but also used for road accidents. If you have a fire in your house or office, the first thing you need to do is evacuate your home or office. You should then look for the 7 safety signs of fire. These 7 safety signs of fire will help you identify the fire and prevent it from spreading to your property.

Following are the Fire safety signs include:

  • Prohibition signs
  • Safety Sign
  • Fire exit signs
  • Fire alarm signs
  • Mandatory signs
  • Warning signs
  • Safe Condition Signs

Prohibition signs:

This sign is used for the prohibition of the smoke in a building. The prohibition is also known as fire ban, fire regulations and fire-free zone. It is usually enforced by the local authorities such as Municipal Corporation or police department. In case of emergency situation the fire officials may take action to remove the prohibition signs and the buildings are not allowed to be used until the fire danger is over.

Safety Sign

Safety Sign is used for the purpose of warning the driver, pedestrians and others of the dangerous condition of a road, street or public place. The sign is displayed on the road to give notice to the drivers that they are approaching a dangerous place where accidents can happen. Types of Safety Signs: There are several types of safety signs, namely Danger Sign, Traffic Warning Sign, No Parking Sign, Speed Limit Sign, Lane Change Sign and Stop Sign. These signs are displayed on the road so that all drivers know about the danger zone where accidents can occur.

Fire exit signs:

These signs indicate that there are exits present in the structure. They provide clear information about how to evacuate the building in an emergency situation. Fire exit signs are usually installed in stairways and hallways.

Fire alarm signs:

These signs indicate that there is an active fire alarm system in place. Fire alarms are used in a building to detect smoke, heat, fire or other potentially dangerous conditions. This sign is used for the fire alarm system itself and not any other warning devices such as sprinklers or fire extinguishers.

Mandatory signs:

Mandatory signs are used for the traffic regulation. They are displayed on the traffic road and on the parking places. The mandatory signs are divided into five classes depending on the meaning of the signs, their size, and their importance.

Warning signs:

Warning signs also play a vital role in fire prevention. Warning signs are placed at the entrance of any building to alert passersby about the potential hazards and dangers within. There are many different types of warning signs, but the most common is the yellow triangle with black letters. The sign has three points and the middle point is the most important because it shows that there is a hazard inside. Other types of signs include the triangle with red letters, a sign with a skull and crossbones on it, or even a sign that says “Fire” in large bold letters.

Safe Condition Signs:

Safe Condition signs are those which are designed to the people that they can run away as condition become safe. If you have a safe condition sign, you can tell when you need to evacuate the building. These signs are usually made of metal and have specific codes written on them. Safe Condition signs usually do not require a permit. Signs on the Outside of the Building: These signs are usually posted in the front of the building. They are meant to inform people about the danger of the fire or explosion.

All above mentioned safety signs have different use according to their capabilities and the purpose for which they are installed. The most common use of these signs is for the warning of danger. Safety signs are also used to warn people about the dangers associated with specific things such as chemicals, dangerous machinery, or construction work. These signs usually include a pictorial image of the danger as well as a warning message.


In conclusion, the most important thing to remember about fire is that it is not a good thing. It is a dangerous thing that can cause great harm. Fire and accident is also very unpredictable. It can start in many different ways and in many different places. It can start in the kitchen, in the living room, in the garage, in the bedroom, and in the bathroom. Fire can start in any place where people live. So, if you have these 7 signs, many people can save their lives. For Further guide and if you want to buy these signs, you can visit Karachi Fire Corporation.


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