Road Safety Equipment

Road Safety Equipment in Karachi

Road safety equipment is a set of devices that are used to prevent and reduce the risk of accidents on roads. The main purpose of using these devices is to protect drivers, pedestrians, and other road users from being injured or killed in an accident. There are many different types of road safety equipment. These devices can be worn by drivers, passengers, or pedestrians to help them avoid injury during an accident. The use of road safety equipment has increased over time. This is because more people have been involved in accidents and there have been more deaths as a result. In addition, there are more vehicles on the roads today than ever before. This means that there are more chances for accidents to happen. Therefore, it is important to wear road safety equipment whenever you travel.
There are several reasons why people should wear road safety equipment when they drive or ride in a vehicle. For example, wearing such equipment will make your car safer. It will also help you avoid getting into an accident if one occurs. If you do not wear this type of equipment, then you may get hurt in an accident. This could lead to serious injuries or even death. There are many different types of devices that are available to help drivers avoid accidents. Some of these include:
  • Baton light
  • Convex Mirror
  • Cat Eye
  • Vehicle Stopper
  • Plastic Barrier
  • Delineator
  • Road Spikes
  • Traffic Signal Lights
  • Corner Guard
  • Traffic Cone
  • Reflective Sharker
  • Rubber Hump

Baton light

A Baton is a device used in traffic safety. Its purpose is to warn oncoming vehicles about the presence of an accident scene or other hazard ahead. A Baton can be made from any type of material, but most commonly they are made out of plastic and metal. The Baton should be placed at least 10 feet away from the accident site so that it does not interfere with emergency responders and medical personnel who may need access to the scene. The Baton has two main functions. First, it warns motorists approaching the accident scene that there is something ahead. Second, if the vehicle encounters the Baton, it will slow down until it passes safely by. This helps reduce the risk of injury to both parties involved in the crash. The Baton is usually attached to a pole or post using either a chain or wire. When activated, the Baton lights up like a strobe light. It flashes red for approximately 30 seconds before turning off. If the driver fails to stop after encountering the Baton, then-police officers will issue them a ticket.

Convex Mirror

A convex mirror is a reflective surface mounted on a pole or wall. They are often used as warning signs to alert drivers to potential hazards. Convex mirrors are typically used where there are high visibility of roadways and/or pedestrians. These mirrors are often used in school zones, construction areas, and busy intersections. These mirrors are also known as “signal mirrors” because they serve a similar function as signal lights. However, unlike signal lights which have flashing indicators, convex mirrors only flash when the driver approaches within a certain distance. When a motorist sees the flashing convex mirror, he or she slows down and stops. Once stopped, the driver must wait for the flashing to cease before proceeding.

Cat Eye

A CAT eye is a small, circular, reflective sign that is meant to attract attention to itself. They are often used to mark dangerous curves or sharp turns in the roadway. The CAT eye is designed to reflect sunlight back into the eyes of drivers. This increases their ability to see the object and make necessary adjustments. In addition, the CAT eye is designed to catch the eye of drivers coming around a curve. This allows the driver to slow down prior to entering the curve. This prevents collisions between cars traveling in opposite directions.

Vehicle Stopper

A Vehicle Stopper is a large, rectangular, reflective sign that serves as a barrier to keep people out of a particular area. They are often used at construction sites or parking lots. They are also used to prevent animals from wandering on roadsides. They are usually painted white or yellow and are located near the edge of a road. They are typically placed along the shoulder of a highway.

Plastic Barrier

A Plastic Barrier is a long, thin, flexible sheet of plastic that is used to block lanes of travel. They are often used during construction projects to protect workers from being struck by moving equipment. They are also sometimes used to control crowds or herd animals. They can be installed on the side of a building or fence. They are generally made of clear, transparent material.

Delineator Strip

A Delineator Strip is a narrow strip of reflective tape that is placed across the centerline of a lane. They are most commonly found on highways. They help drivers maintain proper spacing between vehicles. The delineators are usually painted bright orange with black stripes. They are also available in other colors such as green, blue, and white.

Road Spikes

Road spikes are metal spikes that are driven into the ground to hold traffic cones or barrels. They are used to direct traffic away from an accident scene. They are also used to warn motorists about upcoming changes in direction. Road spikes are usually placed at the beginning of a turn or intersection. They are usually spaced apart so that each spike will contact the tires of a vehicle traveling in either direction.

Traffic Signal Light

A Traffic Signal Light is a light mounted above the street that directs traffic. It consists of a series of red, yellow, and green lights. Each color represents a different speed limit. Green means that it is safe to proceed through the intersection. Yellow means that you should stop but not necessarily yield the right-of-way. Red means that you cannot enter the intersection until all traffic has yielded the right-of-way to you. Signal Lights are usually controlled by a person who sits inside a booth called a signal box. They are connected to a network of wires that allow them to communicate with the lights.

Corner Guard

A Corner Guard is a triangular piece of metal that is attached to the corner of a curb. They serve to reduce accidents caused by vehicles turning left onto a sidewalk or driveway. They are usually painted bright yellow and have a warning message written on them.

Traffic Cone

A Traffic Cones are round objects that are placed at intersections to guide cars around obstacles. They are usually made of foam and painted bright yellow. Traffic Cones are usually placed at the end of an intersection where there is a crosswalk. They are designed to slow down traffic and make it easier for pedestrians to cross the street. They are also used by police officers to direct traffic.

Reflective Sharker Tape

Sharker Tape is a type of reflective tape that is used to mark roadways. The tape is usually applied to the pavement before a storm. It helps drivers see their surroundings more easily when driving at night. It is also used to indicate the boundaries of parking lots and driveways. Reflective Sharkers are often used to mark lanes of travel. They are usually marked with arrows pointing in the direction they should be followed. They are also used on sidewalks to indicate which way people should walk.

Rubber Hump

A Rubber Hump is a rubber pad that is placed under the front bumper of a car to protect the paint finish. They are usually installed after the car has been repainted. This prevents damage to the new paint job.  Rubber Humps are usually white or black and can be purchased separately or as part of a kit.


The number of people killed by road accidents has been steadily rising over the past few years. This is largely due to the fact that many people are now driving faster than ever before. This means that they are putting themselves and other drivers at greater risk of being involved in an accident. In order to protect yourself and others, it is important to wear road safety equipment while driving.
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