Vehicle Stopper

Vehicle Stopper

  • Material: PVC
  • Usage/Application: Vehicle stopper
  • Color: Black
  • Is It Portable: Non-Portable
  • Is It Reflector: Reflector
  • Customization: No

What is a Vehicle Stopper for Road Safety Equipment?

A vehicle stopper is a type of safety equipment used on roads to prevent vehicles from moving. Vehicle stoppers are designed to stop vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists.

Vehicle stoppers vary in their design and function. Some vehicle stoppers are designed to stop cars only, while others can also stop buses and trucks. Some vehicle stoppers use a physical barrier to prevent vehicles from moving.

How Vehicle Stoppers Work

Vehicle stoppers are devices designed to obstruct the forward motion of a moving vehicle. They are typically attached to the side of the road, in an area where vehicles travelling in opposite directions must pass each other. When activated, the stopper physically blocks the path of oncoming traffic.

Vehicle stoppers can be manually operated, or they may be equipped with sensors that detect when a vehicle has stopped and automatically activate the device. Both types of stoppers typically have a length of chain or wire attached to them, so that they can be pulled back if necessary in order to allow traffic to pass.

One of the most common uses for a vehicle stopper is on roads leading up to important tourist destinations like ski resorts and mountain peaks. Stopping at these locations can help reduce congestion and make it easier for visitors to get around.

Vehicle Stoppers Price in Pakistan

Vehicle Stopper Price in Pakistan are vary on the market situation so please confirm with us through call 0213 4923144 or Whatsapp, and it is available at Karachi Fire Corporation, you can order from us via WhatsApp.

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