Fire Assembly Point Sign Board

Fire Assembly Point Sign Board


Creating effective fire assembly points is one of the most important steps in protecting your business from fire. By designating specific areas in your facility as fire assembly points, you can ensure that no part of your business is out of reach in the event of a blaze. Sign boards are an essential part of this process, and there are a number of factors to consider when choosing the right one for your business.

What is a Fire Assembly Point?

A fire assembly point is a designated location for the safe and efficient storage of firefighting equipment. By locating firefighting equipment at one central location, firefighters can easily access the necessary tools when responding to an emergency.

A Sign board for Fire Safety Equipment

Fire safety is essential in order to prevent any type of fire outbreak. It is important to have a sign board that informs people about the fire assembly point, so they know where to go in case of a fire. This sign board can be placed near any area where there are combustible materials, such as near the stove or in an office. The sign should include the following information:

1) Location of the fire assembly point

2) What to do if you smell smoke

3) What to do if you see a fire

4) Phone numbers for emergency services

Benefits of having a Fire Assembly Point Sign board

A fire assembly point sign board is a simple and effective way to ensure firefighters know where to go in the event of a fire. The sign board should be placed at key points around the property, such as the entrance or exit of a building, near stairwells and other exits, and at critical areas such as the kitchen. By keeping firefighters aware of their location and ensuring they know how to get to the nearest fire assembly point, everyone will be safer in the event of a fire.

Fire Assembly Point Sign board Price in Pakistan

Fire Assembly Point Sign Board price in Pakistan are vary on the market situation so please confirm with us through call or Whatsapp, and it is available at Karachi Fire Corporation, you can order from us via WhatsApp.

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