Car Parking Sign Board

Car Parking Sign Board


As we continue to grow and develop our cities, it becomes more and more important to ensure that everyone has safe access to roads and streets. This means ensuring that all road users have access to the necessary safety equipment, including car parking signs. One of the most important aspects of road safety is signage. By displaying clear and concise information about where cars can and cannot be parked, you’re helping to keep drivers safe and reduce congestion on the roads.

Types of Car Parking Sign Boards

There are a variety of car parking sign boards that can be used for road safety equipment. These boards can be customized to show different information, such as the time limit for parking, no stopping and no parking. The different types of car parking sign boards include:

-Horizontal: This type of board is usually placed in the middle of the road and shows the time limit for parking or no stopping.

-Vertical: This type of board is usually placed at a height that people can see it, and it shows the time limit for parking or no stopping.


  1. Firstly, the car parking sign board must be properly cleaned and inspected for any damages. If there are any issues, they should be fixed prior to installation.
  2. The location of the car parking sign board should then be chosen carefully, as it will need to be in close proximity to the road and accessible by drivers.
  3. Next, the car parking sign board must be mounted onto a sturdy surface using mounting brackets or screws. Once installed, the sign should be level and straight so that it is readable from a distance.

How to use the Car Parking Sign Board

The car parking sign board can be used to help drivers find a space in a parking lot or on the street. It is made up of several plastic signs that are mounted on a metal frame. The sign board has spaces for each letter of the alphabet and numbers 1-9. Drivers should use this board to find a space, not to navigate their way around town. The letters at the top of the sign board are in an uppercase font, while the numbers are in a lowercase font.

If there is no available spot, drivers should use the “NO PARKING” message at the bottom of the sign board as leverage to get someone to move their car. When it is time to leave, drivers should put their vehicle in reverse and pull out until they reach the end of the parking lot or street.

Car Parking Sign Board Price in Pakistan

As we all know, car parking can be a tricky business. But with the right signage in place, it can make life much easier for both drivers and boarders! Karachi Fire Corporation’s selection of car parking sign boards offers everything, and car parking sign board price in pakistan are vary on the market situation so please confirm with us through call or Whatsapp, and it is available at Karachi Fire Corporation, you can order from us via WhatsApp.

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