Conventional Sounder with flasher

Conventional Sounder with flasher

  • Mode of operation: Nonpolar two-wire system
  • Quiescent current: <0.6mA; Action current: <10mA
  • Capacity of the output control contact: <2A@DC30V
  • Operating environment: Temperature: - 10ºC ~ 55ºC ; relative humidity: ≤95% (40ºC ±2ºC , without condensation)
  • Operation indicator: The inspection indicator will blink once about every 12 seconds in the inspection status or remain lit in the output status; the input
  • indicator will remain lit in the feedback status.
  • External dimensions: 86×86×40(mm)
  • Weight: about 140g(With base)
  • Executive standard: EN54-18


A conventional sounder is provided with a flasher for the tuning of tubes. The flasher comprises a plunger having a head portion and a stem portion, the head portion is formed with an outer peripheral flange and a pair of opposite concave portions at the front end thereof. A cylinder is connected to the stem portion of the plunger by means of a nut and a bolt. A conventional sounder is usually towed behind a ship or boat and the system has two major components: the sounder and the flasher.

Uses of Conventional Sounder with Flasher

The conventional sounder with flasher is a popular boat search and rescue device, but there are several things you should know about it before buying. The most common type of conventional sounder is the conventional echo sounder. It is designed to be used with a radar transceiver, and the radar display unit can be operated simultaneously with the sounder or separately as a standalone unit. The display unit includes a range counter, a depth gauge, and a depth scale for the water column.

Conventional Sounder with Flasher Price in Pakistan

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