Conventional Fire Bell

Conventional Fire Bell


  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Vibrating Type
  • High Sound Level & Reliability
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Available in 6”, 8” and 10” Housing
  • Mounts to Standard 4” Square Electrical Box
  • Cast Alloy Housing
  • Indoor or Outdoor* Use


A fire bell is a bell, often of the clapper variety, used to warn people of danger. It may be placed at the end of a street or in a large building where there is the possibility of a fire. It was originally an alarm bell rung by a person, but it is now usually rung automatically by the bell mechanism.

Uses of Conventional Fire Bell

The bell is used in a wide variety of different ways and in many different places. The handle is pulled when the fire bell is rung, which pulls on the rope causing the bell to ring. When the bell rings, it is usually loud enough to be heard several blocks away. Fire bells are designed to ring in the event of a fire. Their purpose is to alert people in the vicinity of a fire that help is on the way and that they should remain indoors until it has been extinguished.

Conventional Fire Bell Detector Price in Pakistan

In the market, there have many options when you choose a Conventional fire bell so all fire bell prices vary you can contact us to get the best quote.

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