• Material: Polyester Cloth
  • Colour: Red and White
  • Length: 6 Feet
  • Type: Wind Indicator


The WINDSOCK is an important part of any worker’s safety equipment. It is a tube of brightly colored fabric that is attached to a pole and can be placed near areas where there is a potential for high winds. The WINDSOCK helps to warn workers of the danger and gives them time to take shelter before the winds become too strong. While the WINDSOCK may seem like a simple piece of equipment, it is actually very important in keeping workers safe.

What is a windsock?

A windsock is a conical textile tube that is open at one end and closed at the other. The windsock is mounted on a pole or other support, typically at an airport, and its primary purpose is to indicate wind direction.

Windsocks are made of a variety of materials, including fabric, cloth, vinyl, and polyester. They come in a variety of colors depending on their intended use; for example, orange windsocks are commonly used at construction sites.

While their primary purpose is to indicate wind direction, windsocks can also be used to estimate wind speed. The larger the wind sock, the greater the wind speed.

The benefits of using a windsock

A windsock is a cone-shaped tube of fabric that is open at one end and closed at the other. Windsocks are commonly used to measure wind speed and direction. When placed in an open area, the windsock will fill with air and point in the direction of the wind. The larger the wind, the more the windsock will fill.

There are many benefits to using Windsocks, including:
• They are an inexpensive way to measure wind speed and direction.
• They are easy to set up and use.
• Windsocks can be used in a variety of industries for safety purposes.
• They provide valuable information that can help prevent accidents.

How to properly maintain your windsock

Assuming you have already installed your windsock at the correct location and height, there are a few key things to remember when it comes to maintaining your windsock.

Inspect your windsock regularly – at least once a week – to ensure there are no holes or rips. These can be caused by weather or debris and can reduce the accuracy of your windsock. If you do find any damage, repair or replace the windsock as soon as possible.

Keep the area around your windsock clear of obstacles. This will ensure that the wind can flow freely around the sock and give you an accurate reading.

Your Windsock should be made of durable materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions. However, over time even the best materials will degrade. Check for signs of wear and tear, such as fading or fraying, and replace the sock if necessary.


The windsock is a great piece of industrial safety equipment that can help keep your workers safe while they are on the job. It is easy to use and install, and it is very affordable. Karachi Fire Corporation highly recommends this product for any business that needs to improve its safety standards.

Windsock Price in Pakistan

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