Speed Breaker Sign Board

Speed Breaker Sign Board


Speed Breaker Sign Board

Traffic accidents are on the rise, and a major reason is overspeeding. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Over speeding is responsible for about 25% of all traffic accidents. To help reduce the number of casualties on roads, we need to identify and break the speed limits as much as possible. One way to do this is by using speed breaker sign boards. These boards are designed to slow down drivers in specific areas, and they have proven to be an effective safety measure. By installing a speed breaker sign board.

Benefits of the Speed Breaker Sign Board

A speed breaker sign board is useful road safety equipment that can help drivers avoid accidents. The speed breaker sign board is a large sign that warns drivers about the danger of speeding. This type of sign is usually placed at intersections and other dangerous areas.

When a driver sees a speed breaker sign, they should slow down immediately. If they continue to drive at the same speed, they could end up in an accident. By slowing down, drivers are less likely to hit other vehicles or pedestrians and are also less likely to get into an accident altogether.

There are many benefits to using a speed breaker sign board. Not only will it help prevent accidents, but it can also save lives. By slowing down before an intersection, drivers are less likely to cause serious injuries or fatalities.

Speed Breaker Sign Board Price in Pakistan

Speed Breaker Sign Board Price in Pakistan are vary on the market situation so please confirm with us through call 0213 4923144 or Whatsapp, and it is available at Karachi Fire Corporation, you can order from us via WhatsApp.

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