Halotron (HCFC) Type Fire Extinguisher

Halotron (HCFC) Type Fire Extinguisher

  • Capacity : 6 kg
  • Extinguishing Medium : Halotron I
  • Propellant Type : Argon
  • Fire Rating : 13A, 70B
  • Class of Fire : A, B
  • Discharge Time : 11 sec
  • Discharge Range : 5 m
  • Working Pressure : 9.0 bar
  • Working Temperature : -20 Deg C to 60 Deg C
  • Finishing : RAL 3000
  • Size : Dia. 181 x 495(H) mm
  • Gross Weight : Approx. 9.7 kg


Halotron Fire Extinguisher 12 Kg is a good choice for most environments where the risk of fire is present. Halotron Fire Extinguisher 12 Kg are “Clean Agents” that leave no residue after discharge.

As we know, Halotron is less damaging to the Earth’s Ozone layer than Halon. This Clean Agent discharges as a liquid, which has high visibility during discharge, as result, it does not cause thermal or static shock and leaves no residue, and is non-conducting. All these properties make it ideal for computer rooms, Server Rooms, clean rooms, telecommunications equipment, theatres, and electronics, etc. For many classes of fire, having a Halon fire extinguisher is important.

It is used in many locations:

  1. General Office Areas.
  2. Telecommunication Facilities.
  3. Computer Rooms.
  4. Vehicles (including classic autos).
  5. Aircraft Industry.12
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