Fire Hose Coupling

Fire Hose Coupling

  • Product Code: MCB065/SET
  • Size:2 1/2" x 2 1/2"
  • Size: 65mm x 65mm


Instantaneous Fire Hose Couplings are commonly used by the Fire department for the delivery of water to fire fighting systems but are sometimes used as an industrial hose coupling. Instantaneous Fire Hose Couplings have a 2 ½” nominal bore head (either male or a female) and terminates in a variety of sizes of BSP female thread, BSP male thread and hose tails.

Instantaneous Fire Hose Couplings are available in light alloy and also Brass for corrosive environments such as marine or offshore use. The female incorporates 2 spring loaded catches – a simple pull on both sides of the arms to release the adaptor. When connected, Fire Hose Couplings must be used for pressurised systems for the coupling to produce a leak free joint. The maximum working pressure for an instantaneous coupling is 15Bar.

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