Fire Blanket

Fire Blanket

  • Material: Glass Fabric Heat Treated
  • Color: Milky White
  • Weight: 450 Gram
  • Temperature Resistance: 550°C
  • Refilling: No refilling is required
  • Thickness: 0.5mm
  • Size: 1.0m × 1.0m
  • Suitable for the type of fire: Class A, Class B


A fire blanket is a fire safety item that is used to extinguish small fires. It protects the premises from fire hazards.  The fire blanket works by cutting off the oxygen supply to the flames. It is used to prevent small fires from spreading before it causes massive destruction.

The blanket is useful in temperatures as much as 900 degrees. The fire blanket can be wrapped around the body of the person who catches the fire.

In addition to all its uses, it also protects you by avoiding the flames from touching your body. It is one of the rapid and convenient ways of extinguishing a fire by removing oxygen. Due to its user-friendly feature, it is in use worldwide and even an inexperienced person can use it to smother a fire. Most people use it as a fire extinguisher as the fire blanket price is low compared to other fire fighting equipment.

Some fire-extinguishing liquids can also be added to enhance their efficiency. A fire blanket is made up of a sheet of flame-retardant material that is positioned over a fireplace to smother it.

These blankets come up in many different sizes. Users can use Small fire blankets in kitchens for protection from the fire. Larger fire blankets, for use in laboratory and business conditions, are made of wool. These blankets are usually stored in a vertical container so they can be easily pulled out and used.

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