Eye Wash Complete Without Pandle

Eye Wash Complete Without Pandle

  • Activation: Operated by Pushing the push plate.
  • Stream Control: Eye Wash Foot Pedal Operated
Safe, steady water flow under varying water supply conditions from 30–90 PSI (2.0-6.1 bar) is assured by integral flow control in the spray head assembly.
  • Supply: ½” BSP
  • Recommended pressure: 30 PSI/ 2 kg/cm2
  • Drain: 1 ¼” BSP
  • Net Shipping Weight: 8± kg


  • Unicare eye/face wash fountain pedal operated in heavy duty C Class 4mm thick GI piping with end parts in ABS Plastic,
  • Supply ½ inch Recommended pressure: 30PSI/2kg. /cm2, drain 1 ¼ inch.
  • Unicare eyewash/safety showers comply with the provisions of ANSI-Z 358.1 which is intended to serve as a guideline for proper design, Performance, Installation,
  • Use maintenance of emergency equipment. The key features of the eye /face wash is the ability of the cushion-flow atomizer heads to deliver a soft, feather–like flow effect to the injured ocular area.

Receptor Bowl:-

High visibility yellow extra-large cycolac receptor bowl resistant to damage alkalies, salt solutions, oils, most acids.

Atomizer Heads:-

Twin cushion-flow cycolac atomizer heads in safety black & yellow with flip-flop dust covers that protect heads & automatically releases with water pressure.


Yellow cycolac push plate/foot pedal operated stay-open brass ball valve with stainless steel ball & spindle.

Stream Control:-

Steady water flow under varying pressures assured with automatic pressure compensatory for 30-90 PSI.

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